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Five Star Development

Setting new standards in the industry, Five Star Development is a commercial real estate company that manages, develops and invests in residential, hospitality, retail, office and industrial real estate. Employing a strong customer focus, Five Star has developed over 20 million square feet of projects with a value of more than $1.2 billion across the Southwest.


Five Star uses the best development practices in the industry and the most technologically advanced construction methods to create appealing, imaginative, and innovative facilities that are cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Five Star is well-versed in overcoming the challenges presented in major development undertakings and prides itself on completing complex projects. Specialties include commercial, retail, hospitality, office, warehousing and industrial facilities.



In 1978, Five Star Development established business in the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez border region and was soon regarded as “The Blue-Chip Choice” for commercial and industrial development and construction along the border and the southwest.

The Five Star Development portfolio has grown to over 7.06 million square feet of commercial facilities under its active ownership and management. 15 million+ square feet of commercial projects with a value of more than $1.18 billion have been designed, developed and constructed.

The Five Star Signature Fast Track was developed and designed to place the needs and expectations of the customer first, resulting in attractive occupancy costs. Five Star has been developing projects with quality and value, serving tenants and communities alike since 1978.

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